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Lammas: - Ritual & Celebration of the Milk of Kindness

  • Lisa Lochhead Gallery & Studio Unit 3, Heritage Courtyard Studios, St Marys Street, Whitchurch Shropshire, SY13 1AX (map)
Lammas - Ritual & Celebration

Lammas is the Celebration of the first grain harvest and a time to gather in and consciously give thanks for the bountiful abundance that you are being gifted.  

As the Sun now begins to wane it is a time of shifting frequency and change. Active growth is slowing down and the autumn days of release and reflection are beckoning. Marking this transition is powerful portal. It is a time to harvest your learnings and insights and move forward in deeper wisdom within the cycles. The key theme is abundance and the opening to receive the nurturance of the Divine Mother. 

During this Heart deep evening in a circle of shared intimacy of belonging and sisterhood you will be:

-      Creating ritual to celebrate Lammas whilst insights, reflections and stories of the Sun Goddesses and Gods are weaved into the ritual and interweaved into our heart sharing.

-      Deeply Relaxing - into the spaciousness that attunes you into this potent time of the Wheel. Woven into our gathering will be a guided mediation through subtle movement and mudras.

-     Learning a supportive mudra to deepen in your home practice at this time.

-      Tuning in deeper and wider to the smaller cycles inside the larger cycles of life, death and rebirth as you connect with the frequency of Lammas in a Sister Circle.

Cost includes:

-      A specially created ‘Taste of the Goddess’ decadent delight for the evening to invoke a taste of the frequency of Sacred Feminine.



Milk of Kindness



You draw through my breast,

With your sweet kisses and caress.

This Milk of Kindness,

That flows,

Blessing this body, mind, soul.