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Gateway of Menopause

  • Lisa Lochhead Gallery & Studio Unit 3, Heritage Courtyard Studios, St Marys Street, Whitchurch Shrosphire, SY13 1AX (map)


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Sheela Na Gig - Intuitive Art Course
Gateway of Menopause
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And Sheela Na Gig’s Sacred Shelter

 Paint a Sheela Na Gig as your guide in the Gateway of Menopause. 

Unifying Primal Power and Cosmic Connection through Intuitive Integrative Art

Join me in a Sacred Art Space as I guide you deeper into the Mystery and the potent Gateway of Sheela Na Gig and Her guidance at the time of Menopause.

Who Is Sheela Na Gig?

You can find Sheela Na Gig’s stone carvings from around the 10th to 12thCentury found all over Ireland, England, some parts of Scotland, Wales, France and Spain. Many have been destroyed over the years and those that remain now are in differing states. She is found at entrances to churches, holy places and in some cases in the entrances used for bringing through the dead. She is often described as a Hag or Crone, a grotesque image holding open and displaying her large vulva. She is considered to be sinful, and unholy representing the ugliness of lust and immorality in the Christian and Catholic religions.

However you can going back further in time to at least the 5thCentury BC where She has been known throughout the Mediterranean regions as Baubo. These figures also display the vulva and some in the same stance as the Sheela Na Gigs.

ARTWORK: Shelter

ARTWORK: Shelter

What does She represent?

So who is She? Is She a Goddess?  That we lost the understanding and connection too? 

In my experience Sheela Na Gig rose in my life strongly as the peri-menopause started to move deeper in towards the menopause. She became and is my guide and teacher in this Gateway to new life. 

 She is the gateway of the feminine, she is contradiction, the death of what was whilst anointing you in new life and new beginnings. She teaches you not to fear, She offers you safe passage, She provides shelter and She returns you to the Source of the feminine and the next state, the next phase of womanhood, through Her primal powers. She shows you the sacred juice of your evolving womanhood and the secret seeds of your new life as you shed the skin of old. 

 She takes you beyond societies image of woman as she passes through the seasons of life and reinvigorates your sense of sacred connection, creativity and value. She communes with you Her Cosmic Connection and calls you to a higher creativity. You become a new woman. Whole and Holy - initiated into a deeper mystery of the Feminine. 

On this Sacred Art Journey

I will be weaving stories and reflections of Her primal power into the start of our day as we sit in Circle. Enabling you to make connections to the frequency She represents and how She is communicating inside of you as you enter Her transformative Gateway.

There will be space for sharing your own story of Menopause as you look into creating a healthy relationship with this new phase of your life and of womanhood. Dissolving any rising fears as you approach this Sacred Gateway. And tuning into the embrace offered and the gifts available to you at this time of transition.

You will be painting an intuitive piece of artwork that represents how you feel your connection with the image and unseen power of Sheela Na Gig. Your piece will act as integrative space holder and a reminder to you of the primal power and cosmic connection of this next phase of you as an embodied woman of Love.  


  • Intuitive Art Facilitation for painting your Sheela Na Gig artwork.

  • A deep edge box Canvas of a minimum size of 45cm x 35cm approximately , all professional, beautiful quality acrylic paints, all art materials, necessary to explore and create your piece of artwork.

  • ‘Lifting the Veil’- Learn this small practice to centre, deepen and connect.

  • Take Home Sheet of Self Care and Home Rituals.

  • Refreshments with a range of teas, coffee and snacks.

A maximum of 4 places for this Sacred Art Course.


Gateway of Menopause
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