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Beltane Ritual & Celebration - Flowering

  • Lisa Lochhead Gallery & Studio Unit 3, Heritage Courtyard Studios, St Marys Street, Whitchurch Shropshire, SY13 1AX (map)

Join me at Beltane for a shared evening in Ritual and Celebration of ‘Flowering’

Beltane is the Celebration of May Day. Spring is at it peak and Summer is beginning. The abundant fertility of life is sexually and sensually expressed - the calling of the meeting in union on every level of life.

In this abundant frequency of the Feminine the Maiden Goddess has reached Her fullness and becomes pregnant with life through Her union with the Masculine. Through this sensual and sexual union, the Sacred Marriage of the Earth and the Sky births new life, in passion, vitality and joy. Its the time of a maturing outlook in life and a rooted connection to a deep, full bodied, expressed Love.

The key theme is conception - the rich ground of fertile potential is ripe for flowering. Its a time to honour and celebrate the union of the masculine and feminine principals within. And to take action on consciously expressing the power and union of those creative energies into your life, relationships and creativity.

During this heart deep evening of shared intimacy and sisterhood you will be:

-      Creating ritual together to celebrate May Day whilst insights, reflections and stories of Aphrodite and other Beltane Goddesses and Gods are weaved into the ritual and interweaved into our heart sharing.

-      Deeply Relaxing into the spaciousness that attunes you into the growth of the new. Through guided subtle movement, meditation and mudras

-     Feeling into the Union and Oneness of life and opening into the sensual outpouring of Loves Union.

-      Tuning in deeper and wider to the smaller cycles inside the larger cycles of life, death and rebirth as you embrace and allow the rising flow of Beltane.


Cost includes:

-      A Visioning Reflection Sheet to use on the evening.

-      A take home sheet of altar and ritual ideas to set up at home to deepen the communion at Beltane.

-      A specially created ‘Taste of the Goddess’ chocolate truffle for the evening to invoke a taste of the frequency of Sacred Feminine.



Falling in love with Spaciousness
invites nakedness to walk forth.
In this garden
With no-thing to add.
With no-thing to gain.

Your arms are raised to touch the heights.
Your sight drawn down deep within.
Your hands shaping the works 
of Love and Compassion.
Your feet treading lightly in the garden.

With your senses filled with Loves fragrance.
Sensuality oozes and drips Her nectar,
Creativity tends Her buds and bursts open flowers,
Sexuality flows Her honey of Union.
An eternal arc of forming and dissolving, 

Later Event: 12 May
Gateway of Menopause