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Let the Beauty of what you love be what you do.
There are many ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
— Rumi

The Offerings

Artistry has many forms and I have a passion for supporting woman in manifesting her vision aligned with the stirrings of the unseen rising in the heart. 'Emerging Woman' Coaching is dedicated focused support with me as your guide, reflector and creativity coach. Serving you in moving deeper into a rising inspiration and in taking the steps to actualise and manifest it. In whatever form that is! 

My other offering is an 'Emerging Woman' PhotoShoot. Whether you are looking for some photos that can reflect your essence and express YOU for your website. Or if you would like to have the experience of the transformative power of seeing your self with fresh eyes and come away with some wonderful photographs that you will always treasure.


'Emerging Woman' Coaching


Every moment I show up in what I Love ‘to do’ I could just weep with the beauty... Its distinct and different for everyone what that is. It takes courage, commitment and consistency to manifest a seed of potential. 
You have to find what it is for you. And give to it like you would serve the heart of your beloved, your lover. Let it grow you, open you, transform you into a new way of being.


Are you knowing a stirring in your heart?

Seed Session - One Hour

In a Seed Session  you are pulling together vision and ideas behind a seed of inspiration that has been held in the heart but not yet made it into manifestation. Laying the ground for the next possibility. 

This session focuses on getting all those threads and possibilities that can go round in the mind as unfulfilled ideas out on the table. So a clear way forward can be discerned and opened up. You will come away with a clear, detailed set of actions that you can take to move your vision forward into the next.

Working the ground, making sure the seed is well planted is a fundamental part for any growth to happen. Then you can move into the next with clarity and presence - Tending the Seed

Price: £50


Tending the Seed - Block of 6: One Hour Sessions

That next can be supported with a block of 6-Sessions with defined timings to manifest that seed of inspiration with clarity and ease, lightness and joy.

With guidance, reflection and support I work with you on manifesting the vision, direction and desired outcomes that have been grounded from the Seed Session.

Price: £250


Sessions can be in person in Whitchurch, Shropshire

or virtually over Skype.


My background in business, retail and holistic therapies, combined with teaching, organising retreats and facilitating spaces for deepening into feminine essence has all merged to bring me to where I am today. Following my artistic inklings in a creative passion and growing my business in a balance of dynamic wholistic understanding.

Message me if you would like to know more and book a free 20 mins Skype chat to see if it’s for you.

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Beauty is the illumination of your soul.
— John O'Donohue

'Emerging Woman' PhotoShoot


 The whole reason I originally bought my camera was to take those shots of moments on retreats when essence shines and displays through the body. Through the laughter, the smiles, the love, the meeting, the stillness, the joy, the vulnerability...


Over the last four years or so I have applied that love to doing my own photography for my own promotional images. In which I have learnt a lot about getting natural shots in the right setting with the purpose of how I want to also use the image in my vision. Using my camera with a creative eye is always a part of my work as I also take photos of the women who come on my 'Emerging Woman' Art Journey courses. Its a beautiful thing to receive these shots at the end of the course and to see the journey and progress of the created piece and the artist at work.

I created a lovely little photo shoot recently for a beautiful woman who is stepping into her creative expression and needed some photos for her website. It was such a  deeply touching day where she got to see how beautiful and radiant she truly is. Through the simplicity of being together, through me applying all that I have understood and learnt. In taking very natural and easeful shots she was blown away by how she saw herself. And I just want to offer this to more women who want shots for their work that represents their essence, expression and even creative flow

Lisa is a wonderful guide and creative partner in teasing out and expressing who you are through beautiful photography. The experience alone is transformative, highly recommended.
— Jenny - Massage Therapist

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Contact me so we can arrange to chat about your vision and requirements.

Photo Shoot Session

Allow 1½ hour to 2 hours for your shoot including on site creative heart storming. 

You will receive a minimum of 25 digital images in high resolution. 

Price: £100

Testimonial - Wendy

Stained Glass Artist

Being photographed has always felt awkward and ‘forced’. Lisa’s relaxed, warm and creative approach made the experience feel positive, natural and highly enjoyable. I am so delighted with the beautiful photographs too - thank you Lisa
— Wendy

Testimonial - Jenny

Massage Therapist

In doing the photo shoot with Lisa, I found myself letting go of ideas of needing to appear a certain way and eased into being myself. The more I relaxed I became, the more I was able to flow with what wanted to be expressed through my body, and, had lots of fun!

Lisa worked with the vision I had, and, in an exchange of creative ideas, we played with different moods, shots, angles, colours and light. I now have a stunning set of photos showing many different aspects of who I am, including the crazy!! (Which I love). This is really going to help me promote my business in a deeper and more authentic way.
— Jenny