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Sacred Art Journey's

where the heart, mind and essence meet


embracing creativity

Visual Storytelling

How often have you heard yourself say - 'I can't create art, I can't paint, I can't draw'.  Or maybe you have heard yourself saying - 'I would love to create but don't have the time, I am too busy.' Or maybe this one of 'Creativity is not important, Its not a priority.'

I suggest to you that it is a priority. It is a priority to give space for your heart, to give space for the creative essence to find you - willing and enthusiastically available for more than you 'think' you are capable of. You can dissolve the mantra of 'I cant' and discover an enjoyment and nourishment that fulfils you.

Your fundamental essence is a vast creative power. A power that when allowed to unfold its mystery can radically transform your self beliefs, your relationships and how you live this life.


I love to share what I am discovering through creating art as a transformational practice and as a doorway into your creative capacity. Joining me on any of my Sacred Art Journey's you will learn techniques and develop your acrylic painting skills. Much more than that I will show you how through creating art you are learning and engaging with what the creative process truly is and how you can apply its wisdom in your life. 

embark on a sacred art journey


Join me in an Emerging Woman Art Journey 


emerging woman - rise into your true creative power 


Join me on an Emerging Woman Art Journey and open a deeper doorway into your creative capacity. Over this two-day non-residential course you will be sharing in sacred space as a small circle of women. As you paint a deep edge canvas of 24' x 30' of a feminine face/form using beautiful colour rich acrylic paints.

You will open and deepen into the essence of the Sacred Feminine within whilst leaning into: 

  • Re-orientating from the use of mind to know how to move and create to a trust of the depth your heart.

  • Deep-centred Listening with the whole body.

  • Moving as Responsiveness to the subtle knowing of your inner essence as you paint and create.

  • Allowing and Expressing through using acrylic colour, creating and dissolving forms/shapes and making marks.

  • Enabling a new place as you paint and build layers into your piece of artwork that mirrors to you the essence of the soulfulness and Beauty rising in You.




"Emotional, exhausting, very uplifting, empowering, joyful - in fact I think I've experienced every emotion you could possibly go through whilst doing this course. I can honestly say this is the best thing I have ever done in my life and I am so grateful."

Rosalind - Bridgend, S.Wales



"Working with Lisa was a total delight. She created a place that was safe and sacred. The days were full of laughter and fun as well as times of diving deep and finding my edges. Lisa encouraged me at times of unknowing and fear to stay with the process. Her loving compassionate presence made that possible. I learnt so much; about the practical process as well as about myself. I will be back!"

Polly - Ironbridge, UK

(One-on-One Emerging Woman Art Journey)



"This is one hell of a journey. Surprisingly profound – painting! I never expected the profundity that took place. And what I am knowing is its still unfolding now. I can feel such a relationship with her. And knowing she is revealing something to me. And the incredible depth we went to in the group was very, very beautiful and incredibly touching.

Debbie - Christchurch, New Zealand


You can join me at my studio for a 'One-on-One Emerging Woman Art Journey'. If you would like to receive focused creative support click the link below to read more and/or download the information sheet. I only have one place available each month so please contact me asap if you would like to reserve a month and exact dates can be arranged at a later date if need be. A deposit of £50 secures your place. To enquire more or to book contact me on to discuss available months.


Open the gates to your Love

residential retreats for woman


You can join me in a small circle of woman on a residential retreat. These retreats are a deep dive into opening and embodying the qualities of essence as you paint and create a transformative piece of artwork. Throughout the retreat you will  learn new skills and approaches to how you create, what you create and how you envision your communion with the sacred onto your canvas. Whilst learning and deepening in feminine embodiment practices, sharing in circle, taking walks, nourishing the body with good food and the mind with heartfelt gentleness.

residential retreats


check out the calendar for scheduled events