Lisa is authentic, heart-centred, and holds space exquisitely, I always feel heard and witnessed by her. I love her joyful attitude of playful reverence. I also love how she listens so deeply to myself and other members of the course. When I’ve got stuck, she’s never attempted to “fix” me, she just gently encourages me to keep on.
— Bea - Bristol, UK
I have always struggled to believe I could create something truly beautiful and refined. I see that is possible now and I know that what I know as truly beautiful is what comes from deep within – there is no comparison against an external standard of beauty or anybody else’s work.
— Jenny - Bristol, UK
I found the whole experience liberating, sometimes frustrating, but liberating. I become BOLD with my brush strokes. Now I have a piece of artwork that I am delighted with. This is a first and cause for celebration.
— Kacie - Adelaide, Australia
Lisa is a highly skilled midwife who trusts the inner process. She holds the space with love and compassion and gently reminds us to breathe when we have gotten caught up in the birth pains. My heart is full of gratitude.
— Vicky - USA
I participated in a One to One with Lisa and 2 Online ‘Birthing Trust’ Courses. Each of the courses were a deep, rich, transformational, intimate journey of Emerging.

I can highly recommend Lisa for any of her workshops. Lisa provides a warm, open hearted, clear, knowledgeable, supportive space in which to unfurl and flower.
— Tracey - Stroud, UK
I was blown away by the levels this course opened in me and my life. New levels of seeing, knowing, and much healing coming home around right relationship to the masculine, within myself. Being on retreat with Lisa is a profound and beautifully held space, and has been one of the greatest gifts to me in recent years. I highly recommend diving in even if you’re the tiniest bit drawn to this.
— Emily - Bristol, UK
I took Lisa’s online Art course ‘Birthing Trust’ last autumn and found it to be powerfully transformative. As well as creating a wonderful painting of my Rising Queen, I traveled a deep journey through the canvas of my life dissolving old ways of being opening to a new more innocent self.

Lisa held the space for this with deep sensitivity, heartfulness and clarity. I can highly recommend her courses.
— Yvonne - Limerock, Ireland
I came out with a surprisingly lovely painting, which I shall always treasure. On a spiritual level I came out with so much more. I find this difficult to put into words, as it is almost intangible. But somehow through the process I found exactly what I needed to move my life forward. Truly a life changing experience. Thank you so much Lisa. You are a very special lady.
— Miranda - UK
It has been an incredible, deep, wonderful journey as I have painted her in, as she taught me to flow and open and trust with life.. And there besides me, every step was my painting Doula Lisa, who was a steadfast pot of heart flavoured, deliciousness, wisdom and tickles from start to finish.

Lisa’s gentle guidance and endless love, has brought my painting to a new place. I feel so honoured to have worked with her.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for holding the space for me to know myself way beyond how I have known myself in creativity before.”
— Emma - Bristol, UK
I unexpectantly got the chance to paint with Lisa on her life changing retreat trip to Nepal.
My heart had been pulled to book onto one of her two day Bristol courses but I had succumbed to my resistance and fear and convinced myself that I hadn’t got a painting in me. So I never booked.

Then in Nepal, when our travel plans got disrupted due to fuel shortages, Lisa in her indomitable creative love, immediately responded with setting up a four day mini painting retreat in the beautiful city of Bhaktapur. With Lisa there with me every step of the way. I discovered I could let go and a beautiful aspect of me did emerge onto the canvas.

Watching Lisa paint was so inspiring! I found I loved our peaceful yet fully alive, painting sessions. I loved sitting outside, gazing at what was arriving on the canvas in front of me. I brought my painting home with me and months later I still sit in front of it and connect with the beauty of my inner essence. If like me you have lots of ‘ I couldn’t do that’. Give yourself the gift of letting Lisa’s beautiful soul assist you.
— Julia - Bristol via Nepal