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Emerging Woman Arts - Womb Wisdom

  • Lisa Lochhead - Art Studio and Gallery Shop Unit 3, Heritage Couryard, St Marys Street, Whitchurch SY13 1QY (map)

Strengthen your connection to the voice of your womb, creativity, sensuality, and feminine essence.

A 'retreat' day for woman. Time to gather in Circle, To Pause, Reflect and journey in a creative dialogue with your Soul.


  • A sacred space to reflect, share and receive the heart nourishment of sharing in a circle of sisterhood.
  • Deepen in an inner dialogue with the whispers of your essence.
  • Illume the voice of your womb.
  • Explore your creative expression through creating a piece of artwork that enables and reflects an aspect of 'Womb Wisdom' rising in you.
  •  Gain insight and inspiration throughout the day with prompts to Write/Journal your seeings. 

During this soul-infused day of creative dialogue you will also:

  • Learn/deepen in a meditative embodiment practice that you can connect in with at anytime in your day.
  • Be introduced/deepen in the 'Emerging Woman Arts'.
  • Create a piece of artwork with subtle guidance and support using beautiful toned charcoals and coloured soft pastels on a large sheet of quality heavy paper sized 76cms x 55cms or 29' x 21'.


Your piece of completed artwork will be representative of an aspect of 'Womb Wisdom'- a rising flowering in you that will be expressed through layers of blending, shapes, symbology and colour.


You will take home your piece of artwork filled with your soulfulness and knowing a deeper direction or next step you can give shape to in an area of creative expression.

All art materials are included but do bring along a journal for your own use for any insights or rising inspirations that you may want to write down throughout the day.

Please bring your own lunch. Teas will be provided. All art materials provided. Booking Essential.

The Flow for the Day

"When mind bows down to the heart you can hear the womb speak and new worlds within you can be born"

Artwork: Womb Flower

  • Welcome
  • Open the Circle
  • Introductions
  • Sharing the principles of the circle/sacred space
  • Context for the day - 'Womb Wisdom'
  • Heart Sharing Space in Circle
  • Guided Meditation to support connecting deeper into the Womb
  • Guided Embodiment Practice
  • Lunch
  • Creating a Piece of Artwork
  • Close the Circle.

Your fundamental feminine essence is a vast creative power. A power that when allowed to unfold its mystery can radically transform your perception and any limiting self-beliefs in how you create, relate and make choices. Connecting into what I am calling the 'Emerging Woman Arts' - you are learning how to listen, discern, give shape, direction and action to the calling of that creative power in you.


Join me in my new Studio in the heart of Whitchurch for this heart nourishing day of exploring your creative edge in toned charcoals and pastels.

Photos from the last Circle... with the theme of opening Creative Flow

Testimonials from the day...

Looking at my piece over the last week, I’m seeing different things in it all the time that I hadn’t seen before, it keeps revealing more. The essence of the day for me was about allowing myself to fall in tune with the natural flow of life.
— Jenny
I felt my heart relax and fully open in away I’ve not experienced for along time. The supportive environment, Lisa’s sense of fun, light heartedness and deep response provided the ground for deep relaxation. In this I found I flowed into exploring the pastel painting with more innocence, openness and allowing. I didn’t try to get anywhere or create anything - I just created!
— Emma
Sacred Feminine Circle of Creativity