Diving deep into creative possibility and bringing alive a sweet spot of greater depth and meaning on the canvas of life.


Thank you for finding me here and welcome to my work. It fills me with the joy and beauty I know deep inside and Im so happy to be able to share with you what I love.  

Here on my website you can find my artistry in its various expressions. My original paintings, my artwork as cards and fine art prints, art courses and retreats that I run,  inspiring projects I am working on and things I just love. All springing from a blank canvas of possibility and given shape by the artistry that springs from my heart; as I learn to Paint My-Self ALIVE. 

I share with you my work and my journey of creative flowering through the visual, the written and acts of creation that call. inspire and uplift the emerging new woman in me through into a new place. A place of finer creativity and expression, a place of deeper meaning and greater depth. I call this process of loving myself alive the 'Emerging Woman Art'. The art of self-love and self-care through re-orinetating to what has real value and meaning aligned with  what I am discovering inside. This can then flow into my life, in the way I love, create and play in this life.

I am learning to allow the fullness, joy and beauty of who I am to truly be here.

A Virtual Exhibition... the 'One Woman Exhibition'.


My ArtWork

Take a look around my online Art Boutique for inspired gifts for your heart or for another.

You can purchase an original canvas, prints and cards of my artwork.

5p of each card purchased on all my cards goes to a Social Fund for communities in Nepal.  We have created this fund as part of our work with product development with hand loomed gorgeous textiles combined with my designs and artwork - Check out our site at Meaningful Threads  

Purchase 'Art with Heart' 

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Art Courses

Whether you have never painted before, or you are a beginner artist, or maybe even have experience of painting - my Art Courses are about deep self-nourishment, orientating ourselves with what truly has value for us, and the allowing of newness to shine in our  life.  The canvas that you create is an initimate conversation with your own essence, a conversation that can take you beyond known ideas and beyond familiarity with who you think you are and what you are capable of. 

Come and dive into an Art Course with me. Take a journey into the source of creative power - YOU! 

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Art in Nepal

I delivered two Art Courses for 14 women on painting the feminine to a women's project in Nepal, in September 2015.

It was an absolutely life altering experience in so many ways and a true honour to be able to share with these beautiful women.

I ran a CrowdFunder campaign to purchase the necessary materials for the women which was completely successful. A BIG hearted Thank You for everyone who made that possible!

I do have a base to paint in Nepal in Bhaktapur, Nepal. So more to follow on this shortly on - Art in Nepal.