'Flowering' Talisman Pendant - Silver Plated

'Flowering' Talisman Pendant - Silver Plated

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Talisman Pendant

'Flowering' is an invitation to know your can walk through life in openness and trust. You can allow the power of the feminine to shape what is truly right for your nature and for the power of masculine to give direction to where that is heading. There is such deep nourishment available to you that you cannot necessarily yet see, feel or understand. (See product details below)

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Flowering - Sacred Feminine Art Jewellery

This sleek square Talisman piece comes with a silver plated chain on a longer chain so that the pendant sits around the heart area. Each piece is individually hand crafted in resin with a mini print of my original artwork 'Flowering'. The mini print is set in a quality alloy bezel plated in silver measuring 2.5cm x 2.5cm. The accompanying necklace is a silver plated snake chain of 1.1mm in diameter and is 24inch/61cm in length.


  • This piece can come as a Necklace ONLY packaged in a small black envelope. 
  • OR elegantly Gift Boxed WITH the Talisman Message sealed in a black envelope on the inside of the black box.

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Talisman Message


I am already inherently complete.

There is no-thing I can add.

There is no-thing I can gain.


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Flowering - Sacred Feminine Art Pendant