'Eyes of Grace' Talisman Pendant - Antique Bronze

'Eyes of Grace' Talisman Pendant - Antique Bronze

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Talisman Pendant

The 'Eyes of Grace' captures the essence of recognising where you see from and how you see is how you also relate to masculine presence in your life To see beyond what has shaped your past and defined to you date is opening to a bigger, wider, vision in your life. (more details below)

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Eyes of Grace - Pendant

This elegant vintage look Talisman piece hangs on a longer chain so it sits sweetly in the chest area. Each piece is hand crafted in resin with a mini print of my original artwork the 'Eyes of Grace'. The print is set in a quality alloy bezel plated in antique bronze measuring 2.4cm x 4.8cm The accompanying necklace is an antique brass trace chain of 24inch/61 cm in length.


  • This piece can come as a Necklace ONLY packaged in a small black envelope. 
  • OR elegantly Gift Boxed WITH the Talisman Message sealed in a black envelope on the inside of the box.

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Talisman Message

Seeing with the 'Eyes of Grace'

Immersed am I,

In the Beauty of your loving face.


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