Sturgeon Full Moon

Lunar Mother Wheel - Creativity Prompt

Full Moon 15th August 13.29 GMT

This full moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon because of the great number of this huge freshwater fish that could once be found in lakes and rivers in North America. Other names for this Full Moon include Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon, Fruit Moon, and Barley Moon, all inspired by various crops that can be harvested at this time.

This Full Moon is about Deep Listening and addressing the Balance.



This Full Moon is in Aquarius

This Full Moon asks us to look deeply at what trajectory we are actually on - Is the direction ‘I am’ taking in alignment with a deeper pulse rising through The Heart? Consciously or unconsciously this Full Moon is a highly creative moon and that creative energy can also manifest as a destructive force. Its a time to Listen Deep and respond to a deeper Knowing.

This is the Full Moon Mother that watches over Her children as adolescents in the high heart of summer and passion. The Mother not only directs Her energy to Her growing children but She also rediscovers Her own passion fresh and anew.

The Moon Mother seeks to fulfil Her own relational needs just as She seeks to nurture all Her children. This is the time we too are called to look deeply at where we may feel torn between our commitments and where we need to balance our energy so we do not burn out. During this Moon we are asked to ensure we are caring for own well-being in balance with the nurturing of others. Our own inspirations and inner knowings can often take a back seat in our lives as relationships and relationship dynamics come to the forefront. Here we are called into addressing the balance so that energy doesn’t build as conflict in our bodies and minds. And that we don’t lose our enthusiasm for tending our own garden of Being through addressing our own needs, self-commitments and responding to those inklings of higher knowledge and greater Awareness.

This Sturgeon Moon you can dive deeper in those Qualities you named in your New Moon Worksheet.

With the New Moon Worksheet the focus was to deepen in the theme on Qualities in areas of your life. Getting you to identify in the deeper feeling of Self what you are truly called to experience in the way you live your life. Your Core Values and Soul Needs. You will be seeing where you have tended, where you haven’t, what has come into being and what hasn’t. You will also be able to see where you overstretched yourself or where you didn’t take steps to rise into a Quality.

Download the Sturgeon Full Moon in Aquarius Worksheet below.


Book of Insight 


In this Lunar Mother Wheel - Creativity Prompt we are going to deepen leaning into rising insight and embracing the layers of deeper feeling through continuing to work with creating your Book of Insight.

This is a time to pause, take stock and deeply reflect with this influx of higher creative energies on what impulses are shaping your aspirations and the way you respond in your life.

Ive kept this prompt easeful in that you don’t have to buy any new supplies, or attempt a new Creative Prompt so you can continue to ease into tapping into a creative budding that we started at the last Full Moon. Or if you haven’t yet managed to start your Book of Insight - you can start it now!


Give yourself the space

Keep it Flowing

Remember this a creative way to move into those places and spaces that are just at the edge of your consciousness. Bringing softness, tenderness and clarity to rising understanding whilst allowing a flow of creativity to empower and enable. Allow yourself a little space each week to play and explore with your Book. You are creating it FOR YOU. Creating the smallest amount of space to give to it means you are also consciously creating space to:

  • Practice Listening Deeply

  • Access wisdom just at the edge of your consciousness

  • Open up Creativity through allowing yourself to play and explore without knowing where you are going - or needing to know!

  • Stating to the Universe - I am Available

  • Learning to play, rest and relax - for the pure PLEASURE of it!

  • Nurturing your own ability to give nurturance to you, for you.

  • Creating a thing of Beauty for you to dip into and recognise your own innate ability to tap into a deepening wisdom as your flow through this phase of the Cycles.

Lisa Lochhead