Buck Full Moon

Lunar Mother Wheel - Creativity Prompt

This full moon is known as the Buck Moon named after the time in the year when bucks' antlers grow. It's also known as the Thunder Moon to Native Americans heralding the summer thunderstorms. Its a time that represents the tension between the roots that have supported and a rising change in direction.

This Full Moon is about Reassessing and Releasing.



This Full Moon and combined Partial Lunar Eclipse is in Capricorn.

This Full Moon brings the opportunity to open a healing fluidity and to create new ways of being and structures. The partial lunar eclipse will amplify deeper unresolved feelings and call you deeper into the feminine body through the embrace of the Whole of You.

This is the Full Moon Mother thats calls us to regroup ourself on another level of wholeness. As with all children testing the world around them , we too in our inspirations, dreams, ideas and goals can fall over in our enthusiasm and bruise. Not all things in life will necessarily go the way we want them too. Occasionally we have to face upheaval, reassess choices, actions and access a deeper why into what we create and relate.

This Full Moon allows us to reassess, strengthen our deeper calling and heal ourselves into a wider wholeness. It reminds us to get back up, walk forward and give all again. It reminds us that we are imperfect and through our imperfections we learn, we grow, we become more conscious. This is a time to appreciate the bumps, bruises and scars of our life right now - to remind ourselves of our resiliency, our aptitude for change and our capacity for growth.

This Buck Full Moon you can dive deeper in those Qualities you named in your New Moon Worksheet.

With the New Moon Worksheet the focus was to deepen in the theme on Qualities in areas of your life. Getting you to identify in the deeper feeling of Self what you are truly called to experience in the way you live your life. Your Core Values and Soul Needs. You will be seeing where you have tended, where you haven’t, what has come into being and what hasn’t. You will also be able to see where you overstretched yourself or where you didn’t take steps to rise into a Quality.

Download the Buck Full Moon Worksheet below.


Rising Insight 

Embracing the Whole of You

In this Lunar Mother Wheel - Creativity Prompt you are going to lean into rising insight and embrace layers of deeper feeling through Art Journaling.

This Art Journal has a theme and is going to be the creation of a Book of Insight. A creative way to move into those places and spaces that are just at the edge of your consciousness. Bringing softness, tenderness and clarity to rising understanding whilst allowing a flow of creativity to empower and enable.


Creating a ‘Book of Insight’

You can click on the Vimeo button on the video and then download the clip to keep




For this next layer of words I have cut up letters out of a book that I am repurposing. You could also use fancy fonts or fonts you like by typing them out and printing them.

For me these words capture the essence behind the piece. The flow in creating the piece was a very soft healing flow at a time of great vulnerability and challenge. When I picked my images I didn’t know this is where I was going with the piece but they just sang in my heart.

Creating your pages in this way - first the healing flow of engaging not knowing through creativity and then adding your words as drops from the deep. Is a beautiful way to remind yourself of the power and ability of you, your Heart, to heal, love and transform.



  • A Book - A4 size at least. You can choose a soft cover or hardback. Ive gone for a soft cover as I feel I want to create a cover for it when I have filled the book. You could recycle a book, use an old book etc as you white out the pages.

  • Glue - stick, PVA whatever you have is fine.

  • White Gesso - its primer for the pages. Just a cheap one is fine.

  • Random acrylic paints. Cheap paints are also fine. You don’t need to spend loads to create a beautiful book.

  • Brushes, different sizes, including a good thin one.

  • Gloss Medium or Matte Medium. I use Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish in all my work but again any quality will be ok.

  • Pictures, photos, postcards things that you are pulled to or inspire you.

  • Patterned background design pads - these are pads that contain sheets of various background designs in loads of colours. You will find them in crafting outlets. You can also use old music sheets, word pages out of books, recycle wrapping paper, newspapers, magazines absolutely anything that you want that adds some composition and builds a theme for your piece.

  • Vellum Patterns - again I got this pad from a craft shop ‘The Works’. I love using these as a starting point for adding fine line layering on my page. There are other ways to do this. You could use stamps, stencils or even just draw around random shapes across your composition and use those spaces as a lead in.

  • A hairdryer

  • Baby wipe, kitchen cloth or random bit of rag.



In your downloadable Creativity Prompt sheets below there is also a list recap of the steps for creating your Book of Insight pages.

Lisa Lochhead