Welcome to Litha

The Non Dual Feminine Force of Love and Beauty is in Her Initiating Power.

I am the one who guides the great ones who are lost and exhausted on the roads of the reborn…
Who guides those who are lost in the underworld,
I am Hathor, Queen of the northern sky,
Who watches over the reborn,
I am a haven of tranquility for the just,
A ferry for the chosen.

Litha is the Celebration of Summer Solstice. The Solar Year is at its peak and the sun is at its height of life giving power.

The Earth is in a flowing cascade of fertility and fulfilment. The Goddess becomes pregnant and the God is at the height of His virility. Their dance of Union is a Celebration of Love. The key theme is Joy - ecstatic and expansive. it is a time to celebrate all that has been given, grown and bought into being. The promises of fulfilment are now made manifest.

A powerful time to commune your connection to the Sacred Feminine and Her pulse, qualities and frequencies. Below is the way to best flow through the content for Summer Solstice.

  • Myth and Goddess Telling - Download the SoundClip and give your self some moments to listen in a quiet space.

  • Altar Creation - Create a designated space for communion with the Sacred. A creative dialogue infused with intent and openness. - Download the PDF for Altar and Ritual Sheets

  • Refection Ritual - To bring conscious awareness to learnings and any subtle teachings as you enter the potentiality of Summer. Download the PDF and reflect with the content.

  • Summer Solstice Ritual - Create your Ritual to honour the influences of Litha.



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This recording is about 50 minutes. Find a space where you can just sit and listen, undistracted and undisturbed for this time. Listen to this SoundClip first. Download it now onto your device.





After listening to the Goddess Myth telling download the Altar and Rituals Sheets. Download the PDF Sheets by clicking the Button.







Download Your Reflection Ritual Sheets. Click the Button to download the PDF now. You can work with these over the Solstice window of a few potent days or if you need to you can approach them as a slow burn over the next few weeks.


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See you in the Wheel of Belonging

With Love

Lisa Lochhead