Sensual Freedom - Creatively Expressed

  • MyAwareness 8a Picton Street Bristol, England, BS6 5PX United Kingdom

Sensual Freedom stirs from deep within. From beyond what is currently known, currently owned, currently identified with-in the mind. The rising of Sensual Freedom is the Feminine creative power pouring through into existence and imbuing and uplifting the senses. Unfolding a depth of creative power that when capped, trapped, held down by limiting thoughts and beliefs; can turn into a self-destructive force that can undermine and sabotage your deepest longing and yearning. Limiting your sense of connection with yourself, with others and with your own creative impulses and endeavours.

Allowing your-self to enter the body more deeply and embrace a rising of Sensual Freedom is an art of self-love, of self-acceptance in which a deeper self-care naturally arises. Transforming your relationship to your self and to who you are as feminine essence Sensual Freedom is creatively expressed.

In this day retreat we will gather as woman emerging her deepest essence awake and opening to the wildness and fullness of Her Sensual Freedom.

A sacred space to connect in deeper feminine sensual flow where you will:

  • Gather and take your seat in a transformational Circle of feminine creative power.
  • Slow down in following the mind and its attachment to thinking. Bringing the mind to rest in the Heart of spaciousness.
  • Access deeper into the sensation in your body through Embodiment Practices that I will share with you.  
  • Give space to recognise and deepen in Being while illuming the senses in a multi-sensory experience with Devotional Ritual to the Beloved.
  • Group Flower Mandala – Move from analytical mind to creative awareness and sensual flow. Intuit movement and response through group creativity representing our intrinsic inter-connectedness.
  • Learn how Sensual Freedom expresses creative potential bringing greater rest and ease into the body/mind and deeper direction.

Maximum 10 spaces

Please Bring with You:

a)    Gather some foliage, wild flowers or a bunch of flowers of the same type.

b)   Lunch to Share

c)    A Blanket.