Emerging Woman Art Journey - GROUP

  • Whitchurch Shropshire

Join me on a creative journey of recognising and expressing your inherent beauty, vitality and creative genius...

This two-day group Emerging Woman Art Journey is a sacred space for you to reveal and dive into your creative potential. A dedicated space for opening and deepening into the Sacred Feminine within you whilst leaning into:

  • Deep-centred Listening.
  • Moving as Responsiveness to the whispers of your inner essence as you paint and create.
  • Allowing and expressing through using acrylic colour, creating and dissolving forms/shapes and making marks.
  • Painting a piece of artwork on a canvas of the Sacred Feminine that mirrors to you, your soulfulness and Beauty.

In this group journey with me I will support and guide you in opening up your creative juice and flowering your beauty, your soulfulness onto your canvas. The piece of artwork that you create is an intimate conversation with your own inner essence. A conversation that can take you beyond known ideas and beyond familiarity with who you think you are and what you think you are capable of. 

During the course you will: 

  • uncover any limiting beliefs that are holding you back creatively and reveal how they apply in your life. 
  • be empowered and enabled to move with confidence and clarity, in openness and trust with your paints and on your canvas.
  • discover how YOU are the one in command of your brush and be enabled to respond in amongst any changes and challenges you may be facing in life.

NO PAINTING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY Whether you have never painted before, or you are a beginner artist, or maybe even an experienced painter - these journey's are about deep self-nourishment, radical self-care and orientating yourself to create from what truly has value for you.

Through creating this canvas you will:

  • Gain confidence in your inherent ability to discern, express and create from what is truly meaningful to you.
  • Bring alive a sweet spot of deep self-nourishment and self-love.
  • Discover how time and experience is not required for you to paint, create and SHINE as who you are.
  • Reveal that you are inherently creative and full with latent possibilities.

Two-Day Course Cost £195 - 10.00am to 4.00pm each day

Emerging Woman Art Journey


  • All course materials are provided. Paper, pencils, canvas, beautiful professional acrylic paints that are colour rich and support your flow of colour play and blending. You will take home a completed canvas of 24' x 30 '
  • Two days painting tuition - Including learning simple techniques for drawing and painting a face.
  • Learning supportive meditative practices to centre, deepen and rest in the body as you paint.
  • Snacks and refreshments.


Maximum Number of 5 Places

FOR ENQUIRIES CONTACT ME on lisa@lisalohhead.com

Accommodation can be arranged for you if needed. Email me to find out more.

Through working with me and creating your own canvas you will discover a depth of love for yourself in your very own body. I will take you on a journey into your sovereign power and beauty and give you the tools to recognise your beauty as your very own nature.  This piece of artwork, by you, for you and full of YOU; will show you how to be more of you in your own life...