The Art of Emergence

A Five-Week Transformational Art and Well-Being Course for Woman

Imbuing the Senses with the Real

5 Senses, 5 Elements - A Journey of Creativity and Self-Love 

4th February 2017 to 11th March 2017

The Art of Emergence
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“Art is not a thing, it is a way.” - Elbert Hubbard

A new year, a new possibilty... a new moment. A New You! Join me in the Art of Emergence’ as a living, breathing way for you to stand and deepen in self-mastery, open up your creativity and bring about an enhanced state of well-being. A fantastic online course to support you, inspire your creative impulse and nourish you into 2017.

In this 5-week Transformational Art and Well-Being Course you are invited to paint awake the ‘emerging new woman’ in You. 

Through this creative course into the ‘Art of Emergence’ you will:

  • Open up your creative capacity into a higher potential that awaits you.
  • Refine how you create and where you create from.
  • Deepen in understanding in how you receive information from the world around you, how you process it and the quality of the energy in which you respond.
  • Connect with and learn about the functioning of the elements within your body and the relationship to mind.
  • Learn how to nurture an enhanced well-being into your life through aligning in a deeper self-mastery and self-love.
  • Discover how feminine essence flows and shapes in harmony with the masculine principal. As a budding and flowering of evolving creative expression into life.
  • Bring a depth of balance and a fertile ground for your deepest sense of self to illume your senses with the real.
  • Paint a feminine face/form/shape that intimately reflects the ‘emerging new woman’ in you that is calling to birth Herself into life.

What is Included in the Course:

  • Weekly Course content based on the five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether.
  • Learning and the practice of specific mudras, ‘seals’ or ‘hand gestures’ each week related to that weeks element and to the mind.
  • Well-Being tips to support and balance the body-mind as we journey with each element each week.
  • Weekly art-focused tutorials to unlock creative curiosity and release creative potential. Creating art pieces representing each element
  • Art tutorials on painting a feminine face/form onto a canvas whilst translating each 'art' element expressed into a new form of expression.
  • A private Virtual Group on Facebook for you to share, reflect, enquire and deepen.
  • Two Live Group Calls with Lisa
  • Support throughout the course - ‘Emerging Woman’ Creative Coaching with Lisa in the Virtual Group.

Join me in the Blossoming of Loves Buds...

COURSE CONTENT AND SHARING PLATFORM AVAILABLE UNTIL 31st April 2017, Details of course materials, paints and canvas size needed to take part in the course will be emailed to you on booking.

The Art of Emergence
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Previous Online Course Testimonials

"I’ve been very blessed to have worked with some of the world’s finest facilitators & Lisa is certainly one of the most outstanding facilitators I’ve ever worked with.
She is authentic, heart-centred, holds space exquisitely, I always feel heard and witnessed by her. I love her joyful attitude of playful reverence. I also love how she listens so deeply to myself and other members of the course." Bea, UK
"I’ve done many painting courses with Lisa and every time I am stunned by what is revealed. No two experiences are in any way the same. There is such reality, such truth opening each time, that the experience is unique and moves me to a new place in myself and my life." Jenny, UK
"The turning point was how fast healing could be through the canvas... It reaches the psyche and soul much faster than reading, therapy, philosophy etc.. It was mirroring my soul." Imman - Kuwait
"I was blown away by the levels this course opened in me and my life. New levels of seeing, knowing, and much healing coming home around right relationship to the masculine, within myself. Being on retreat with Lisa is a profound and beautifully held space, and has been one of the greatest gifts to me in recent years. I highly recommend diving in even if you're the tiniest bit drawn to this." - Emily UK

Why Im Inspired to Create this Course...


I am called to create and run this course on the ‘Art of Emergence’ as a living, breathing way for you to stand and deepen in self-mastery, open up creative potential in your life and bring about an enhanced state of well-being.

In all of my work, which I call the ‘Emerging Woman Arts’, you get to intimately explore the levels of your inner landscape, the environment of your life and your relationship to essence. At the root of this is the flowering understanding and integration of the right relationship between the masculine and feminine frequencies and how that can move, create and transform your life and relationships.

In this course we will also bring conscious awareness to the elements that form the basis of creation. Our relationship to them, with them, denotes where we create from and what we are creating. I am also really inspired to share and deepen with you in the practice of 'mudras' that relate to the elements, to the mind and also to the masculine and feminine frequencies, or gods and goddesses.

Over 13 years ago I was introduced to a practice that came through realised consciousness that has hand gestures inherent in the practice. Over the years of deepening and teaching the practice it has taken me into a discovery of the power of specific gestures, the frequency, the meaning and the transformative capacity for the body-mind. This has led me to explore and develop further in the practice and understanding of the language of 'mudras'.  

I am so inspired by the potential of this course! And I really look forward to sharing in this with a circle of sisters who are ready to engage in this level of creativity and self-love. Budding and blossoming into the new...

The Art of Emergence

The Art of Emergence

Imbuing the Senses with the Real

Five Senses, Five Elements – A Journey of Creativity and Self-Love

In this 5-week Transformational Art and Well-Being Course for woman you are invited to paint awake the ‘emerging new woman’ in You.