Birthing Trust - Opening to the Healing Power of Masculine Presence


A 4-Week Virtual Art Course with Lisa

Submerged in the river of Belonging... passing through the silken veils that have shrouded me, soulfulness rises on the surface of eternity.

Birthing Trust - Transformational Art Course
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'Paint Your-Self ALIVE'

Birthing Trust - Opening to the Healing Power of Masculine Presence

A 4-Week Virtual Art Journey for Woman

29th October to 26th November 2016

Allowing the Rise of your Inner Queen

The Rising Queen

As woman opening as Love we are called to align with the simplicity and purity of the direction of Life.  Opening to true masculine power and dissolving the fear of masculine energies that may be apparent in the world around us.

In this Virtual Art Journey you are invited to paint awake the ‘emerging woman’ calling to be born in you. Through the embrace of the healing power of masculine presence and the rise of your inner Queen.

In this 4-week Art Journey you will paint a feminine face/form that intimately speaks to you. Practicing deep, attentive, listening we will be orientating the focus to move and create beyond the familiar relatedness and relationship with our past stories. We will give space for feminine flow expressing through colour, layering, forming and dissolving shapes and images.

In this course you will:

  • Get intimate in seeing and understanding your own inner landscape.
  • Gain insight on any doubt and confusion in relatedness with the masculine power that causes you to limit your true capacity.
  • Embrace the driver of fear.
  • Reveal the inner Bride – moving into the New.
  • Discover deeper direction – Dissolving momentum. The Rising Queen.

 Together we will stand tall and deep in the heart of hearts and navigate our selves ALIVE.

Allow Your Radiance to Shine


  • 4-Weeks of weekly video tuition in painting the feminine face/form from your essence.
  • Course Content to Inspire, Uplift and Engage the dance of Union in you.
  • Video instruction to learn a powerful universal movement to activate higher consciousness. Use this profound practice to activate and connect to the truth of who you are and bring it into the body.
  • Practices that support your deepening into essence.
  • Live Group Meeting session with Lisa
  • Virtual Group Sharing Platform on Facebook


Details of canvas size, materials and paints needed to take part in the course will be emailed to you.

Masculine presence, He, that resides in the heart of hearts as your deepest beloved. He, that calls you forth and invites you to birth the radiance of the Divine Feminine that you are. He, that dances with you in the deep as One.


"I’ve been very blessed to have worked with some of the world’s finest facilitators & Lisa is certainly one of the most outstanding facilitators I’ve ever worked with.
She is authentic, heart-centred, holds space exquisitely, I always feel heard and witnessed by her. I love her joyful attitude of playful reverence. I also love how she listens so deeply to myself and other members of the course. When I’ve got stuck, she’s never attempted to “fix” me, she just gently encourages me to keep on. Her processes of CosmoFORM, Namaste Practice and Movement have also been immensely helpful. "
Bea - UK

"The turning point was how fast healing could be through the canvas... It reaches the psyche and soul much faster than reading, therapy, philosophy etc.. It was mirroring my soul." Imman - Kuwait

Why I am inspired to hold this Virtual Art Journey

I am inspired to run this journey through my own direct experience and unfolding in relation to the masculine presence in relatedness.

In the year 2000, I was living in an unhealthy relationship with a man.  At this time in my life, at a pinnacle of mis-identification and suffering- an awakening took place. I had no reference point to explain what it was, now I know this as pure knowing and radiant beauty.

When faced with the man, everything in me closed, and I watched all the patterns cascade back in. My life since has been about understanding and transforming the relationship within me to man, to the masculine presence and how that moves in all relatedness.

I met a realised Master, B Prior who speaks on the masculine and feminine and journeyed in his presence since 2003.  Living in community with him I then met my husband and we served and danced in his presence as we grew together.

We live a simple life together, growing and evolving daily in our understanding of relationship, as a man and woman, as the depth of the principals we are. Every day I grow more in knowing the beloved, in me, and how to listen, respond and relate that in my life. Learning how to touch the earth, learning how to care for the world in me.

I have found; through creating art and painting the emerging new woman in me awake, a grounded stability in my own knowingness. Through knowing I am the one in command of my own brush a deeper trust has emerged, a trust in the movement and direction of life that subtly calls me forward. I acknowledge, I can allow the rise of my inner Queen. I can take my seat at the side of my King.


There is a world of light,
with many suns in
the sky.

I slept with my Lord
one night,

now all that is luminous
I know we

— St Teresa of Avila