Its great to have you here in the Inner Circle.

Its always wonderful to receive a new friend and I hope you will be nourished and inspired by my 'Inner Circle' updates. My aim is to provide juicy fresh content each month, with Soul Sharing of offers and promotions, inspiration, events and general sharing on whats new, basically all round GOOD stuff - especially for my 'Inner Circle'.


A Bit About Me


Where you will normally find me


Ive gone from day or night being in my little home studio in what was the garage - where I often ended up painting in the middle of the night in my PJ's! To now I have a little bit more structure in my work as I have opened a Gallery and Studio in an artisan courtyard in my hometown. I am so utterly grateful everyday to have a Studio space and the opportunity to expand my work onto the high street so more people can find me. I also absolutely adore having a sacred space where I can run circles, workshops and events for woman.

Its a sacred and transformational practice for me to paint and create. Each painting is a dance of the sacred and a totally timeless encounter. I absolutely love working with large canvases. And then to be able to bring them right down into mini prints and create the gorgeous Talisman Pendants to adorn your beautiful body. It lights me up to be able to share these Messages of the Mystery with you in a way to soothe your soul and inspire you on this path of life and love.

My Life


I live with my beautiful loving husband, Todd who is from New Zealand and who is the absolute Love of my Life. We have had an unusual life together since we met in 2003. Travelling the world with a spiritual teacher, living in amazing locations in community and running our own conscious growth centres in both Amsterdam and Bristol.

Now we live in the stunning Shropshire, in a small town called Whitchurch. And we both have such an appreciation for every moment of this wonderful life. It has been and is a Divine Dance of man and woman that we live together. And my heart soars to share in this way with a man of Love.



Engaging Creativity

 Apart from my obvious love of painting I am actually passionate about how I can open to the call of creative process in other ways in my life. So I am actually working on a couple of creative projects at the moment that are stretching my creative skills in other ways with writing. This project is inspired by my work as an artist and the revelations from engaging creating art as a transformational practice .

As a part of the 'Inner Circle' you will get updates on that as the project expands over this year and some juicy offers and ways you can engage will be coming your way! 

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