Garden of Prayer

As you approach the turning of the new, vow to bow, and see the light of Love you are. Give thanks, CELEBRATE, let the essence of gratitude overwhelm any other feeling or notion that keeps you bound to the small.

Write, express, create - share your heart, your vulnerabilities, your aching insights. Gift back the unity reclaimed when you are responding to the BIG YES in life. Don't hold back, don't look back, ease forward into a flow that is unique to you. Whether you are received or not, acknowledged or not, embraced or not, loved or not, is irrelevant. You are tending your own garden. Give yourself permission to Bloom.

Take a moment, allow life to slow.... down, pause... and fall into the space where habitual activity was. Admit to yourself that you care - you do deeply care for the garden of you.

YOU are... the Garden of Prayer.