Creative Outpouring...

Welcome to the launch of my very own website! I never though I would be painting, creating art and giving to self-expression in this way - yet here I am! Emerging a new woman onto my canvas of life...

I love to paint. Its a passionate love affair with my own being. I love the journey of each canvas that I create and where it takes me - the whispers of communication that I receive from my own soulful knowingness.  I love what it reveals to me about my own inner workings and the nature of manifesting more of who I am from the core. I love that painting opens a depth of beauty and belonging inside of me. And I watch the colour and shape of it appear in front of me.

I also discovered a pull in me to share the tools and possibilities I was discovering and the deep 'healing' I have found in creating a painting as a deep listening process. A mirror for aligning with my soul, for bringing this soulfulness through and alive in my life. The fact that a painting is so intimately about YOU, who is painting it, has bought me to greater levels of self-acceptance, self-acknowledgement and deeper trust in who I am. I am knowing myself, so much more...Its empowering and liberating to go beyond the lines you draw around your own sense of possibility and your own sense of self-worth, and value. So I have been training and journeying as a facilitator of the Art of Allowing approach founded by Flora Aube - and I am now a Certified Facilitator. 

My training started around the time I started the painting captured above with the quote and the full painting here on the left. I knew it was about Soul Light and the urge to bring that through into life. The 'practice' has been to allow it.

So here I am completing my training and launching myself, as myself, and here is that painting today below.

She is here. She has arrived. She is the light of my soul manifesting Herself. From the faceless feminine to this woman that has a face. They are one and the same.