Courageous Creativity

Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”
— Maya Angelou

At the beginning of the year of I wrote a New Years Prayer with 7 Reflection Points For Wholeness And Well-Being that you can find here. Each month I am sharing and expanding on one of those points by diving into the creative pulse of it, what it means to me and how that shows up in the living of a creative life. 

This is about this second Reflection Point: 


May Courage hold your hand - As the Light of Love illume's the ripeness in learnings, insights, challenges and changes in the year ahead.


What does Courage mean to you?

Listening - Creative Courage

Courage is a word from old French which is derived from the root, “coeur” which means “heart.”  So courage literally means… to take something to heart. I find that a beautiful and apt description for what the essence of courage means to me.

To take something to heart means you are really listening… deeper... than your ears alone. You have paused in the comings and goings of your daily life and are tuning into the beating heart of the moment. Or even tuning into the heart of a particular ‘thing’. Be that a circumstance playing out in your life, challenges you are faced with or a creative pulse calling you forward. 

You have slowed down to hear that subtle beating of the Heart. And you also have to slow right down to bring whatever it is that you may be facing in your life to your heart. In our society we are conditioned to keep going, keep striving, trying, achieving and reaching. Keeping in a forward momentum stops you from having to feel, look and truly discern. To truly discern what is in your heart can change everything. The way you know yourself, the way people around you know you, what you do, how you do it… And we all know that deep down inside. That is why we have covered over the subtle stirrings in the heart. Through fear. Of not fitting in, not being accepted, not being loved….

So call on Courage to hold your hand.

Be a Courageous Creative

It can take courage for the heart to lead in amongst the old conditional ways and comfort zones of your daily familiar life. 

It takes courage to allow the Light of Love to illume aspects of your life. On the one hand doesn’t everyone really yearn for that touch of the truth and beauty of Love? And on the other hand the programmed survival tendencies work really hard to make sure you are totally protected from any change. Growth isn’t always easy, planned or even to some extent desired. It can seem to jeopardize the status quo that you are often working so hard at to maintain.   

So when the Light of Love shares Her gifts – your heart is called to be a Couragoues Creative. A creative aligned with a bigger pulse, a bigger heart. As you truly feel your own heartbreaks, challenges and mis-identifications that have built up around your heart. You are strengthening your ability to not only respond but to even find out what really has meaning to you, for you. You have slowed down enough to bring home aspects of your self, your life and offered them at the altar of your own Being. Bringing them home to Love, and to serve THE One Heart that pulses Her unfolding Creativity in an ascending spiral of feminine consciousness and cosmic complexity.


Ways to fuel your Courageous Creative

  • Slow Down. Often you can be running on sheer flight or flight responses in your life so practising slowing down is a bold courageous move. Practice slowing down in areas of your life that have become habitual - for example: you could always be eating breakfast on the go, grabbing that coffee on the run, always on the treadmill of reaching for that next thing… whatever it is that you see is an unhealthy habit - change it. Slow it down, give space around it. Practice bringing conscious awareness to it.

  • Practice Being Available for Listening. Listening with your Heart is an inward movement and not reliant on the outer ears. Lots of well meaning advice can sound in your ears alongside the voice of the Inner Critic. Practice allowing the space for listening with your heart. Softening the dialogue of the varying sounds to a silence in your heart. Sit, relax, allow space. Soften any tension in your body, breathe deep from your belly. Focus your attention on your heart area. Be curious about what the heart area actually is. Show willing, be available for the communion of the subtle.

  • Pause before you make decisions. Check IN to see where you are truly at with something. Be kind to your deeper listening, nourish it and acknowledge that whatever decision it is that you are making that you truly are willing to live it with your whole heart. With all of You. No excuses. No blame and shame or any after the fact effects. Just clear seeing and clear acknowledging. No matter how scary some decisions or callings can feel - knowing you made the decision with clarity helps keep you anchored in the heart.

  • Boost the Mood of You. Find ways to nourish your sense of well being. Simple things that can soothe the senses of You. Lighting candles on a dark night, using aromatherapy oils in your bath, writing that letter, cooking that colourful meal, picking some flowers for on your table, loving your body with a gorgeous smelling aroma body butter and a little self-massage, getting someone else to give you a massage! Anything that touches the beauty of the small daily choices in the life of You.

  • Get into Nature - Being out in nature has so many positive, impactful, life affirming effects. Whether thats going for a walk, feeling the air on your skin, the earth beneath your feet. Or maybe tending your own garden, getting your hands in the earth for even 10 minutes a day when practiced daily connects you deeper into the Earth Mother. Planting seeds also reaffirms the power of the life force as you watch them sprout and grow.

  • Strengthen your Creative Muscle - Start a visual journal. Use old magazines, photos, random bits and pieces and collage your heart out in visual journalling sessions. Approach it as creating a mini Vision Board of where you are called to grow in the strength of courage.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
— Anais Nin