Self Acceptance and Creativity

Creativity is the quality that you bring to the activity you are doing. it an attitude, an inner approach - how you look at things”

- Osho


At the beginning of the year of I wrote a New Years Prayer with 7 Reflection Points For Wholeness And Well-Being that you can find here. Each month I am going to share and expand on one of those points by diving into the creative pulse of it, what it means to me and how that shows up in the living of a creative life. 

So lets start with the first Reflection Point: 

1)    May Self-Acceptance fuel your actions and decisions- so you walk tenderly and at One within your own Heart

Self Acceptance – what does that mean to you?

Self Acceptance and Creativity

To me it’s the ability to truly feel what is there inside of me in any given moment. That’s to feel it before any secondary overlays with a movement away or towards something with the mind – that my body can often then follow and act out on if I believe it to be true.  

To be in a deeply feeling state can be quite raw. You are raw to your own view of yourself. And we are not taught that this is right where true creativity can flower open. In the acceptance of the raw feeling state, with all its hidden hurts and vibrational tones that can affect the experience of life.

What covers that feeling state? 

The Inner Critic

That voice can be so ingrained into the experience of life you do not even know its there. Its a shadow voice that whispers in your ear throughout your day. Subtle yet loud, powerful yet a phantom, false yet believed in. 

Its tone is one of survival. At all costs. Its buzz word is you must Adapt. Your inner critic gets you to adapt your behaviour, comply to fit in, leave behind your inner creative inklings and stirrings as not worthy, not good enough. It accesses and judges. The Inner Critic reinforces the need to adapt to survive. 

Making Friends with the Inner Critic

The Inner Critic has your interests at heart. Misplaced. Yes. After having your ear for so long its going to need practice in discerning what is deeply true, truly nourishing and in alignment with the creative pulse. 

Making friends with the Inner Critic is basically not being opposed to it. Not trying to fight it or run away from it… mm sounds like the Inner Critic survival tactics right!?

Its saying to your Inner Critic:

I hear you. Yet that is not the way. 

I thank you for caring, but I see a bigger picture. 

I hear your concerns but I know of something more than that.

 When the Inner Critic isn’t fuelling your actions and reactions you are entering a place of Self Acceptance. 

Creativity and Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance isn’t about personal development. Self acceptance is about holding tenderly close to your heart all the contradictions of life and feeling the pure feeling state. Pure feeling is where compassion rises –firstly for your self and then as a natural extension of Love and felt understanding for another and the dilemma of being a Human Being. 

Here is where you attune to the power of true creativity. The creative essence pulses and shapes life. Here is where you creative potential lays, here is where you have the potential to be born anew. 

Adapt or Evolve?

Self Acceptance doesn’t mean you have to continually shape shift to fit in. It doesn’t mean you have to take on the negative views you have about yourself that can be reinforced by the unconscious actions of others outside of you. Self acceptance means you embrace a bigger vision of who you are. It means you recognise the mud of your ‘me’, the inner critic and are willing to learn to Love beyond how you have known yourself to date. 

When Self-Acceptance fuels your actions and decisions- you walk tenderly and at One within your own Heart. You honour YOU. The Heart of all Hearts. And the creative pulse that steams through you can lift any experience into a new place of love. Life can evolve through you.

Creative ways I have found that support me:

  • Check In regularly and ask yourself – Is this really true? This gets you to orientate your energy and direction into one of enquiry as to ‘what is’ rather than getting stuck in being a particular something.

  • Write Free Flow. Make a daily morning practice of hand writing down whatever is whirling around in your head. Get it out and visible and free up creative mind space.

  • Go for a walk in nature. Nothing soothes the soul like feeling the elements on your skin. The ground beneath your feet. The view beyond the confines of a mind-set can open up. 

  • Get a Drawing Journal. A field sketch book of blank pages and allow yourself to draw, doodle, charcoal, pastel play, with what ever medium floats your creative boat. It doesn’t have to be going anywhere of be about anything in particular. Its just the practise of coming to a blank creative space everyday and DOING IT!

  • Set aside time every day for meditation. 10 soulful minutes of feeling the sensation in your body. Eyes closed, looking into the deep, the black. Not listening to the mind and its chatter - yet recognising when there it is chattering going on. The practice is not to follow it but to keep coming back to feeling into the sensation in the body. Feeling what is, there contained, in this moment.

All these fuel my ability to recognise whats true, whats nourishing and in service to the Creative Pulse within me. Give them a go and see if they can work for you too.