A New Year Prayer

7 reflection points for Wholeness and Well-Being

A New Years Prayer

May Self-Acceptance fuel your actions and decisions- so you walk tenderly and at One within your own Heart

May Courage hold your hand - As the Light of Love illume's the ripeness in learnings, insights, challenges and changes in the year ahead.

May Love's Pulse be known to you and soothe any places of tiredness and fatigue as you walk the Way of Being. 

May Creativity show you the way in service to your higher purpose and potentiality - planting seeds in rich, fertile soil.

May Communion teach you that you are not alone as you tred the path into a deeper Aloneness.

May true Friendship be in your life. One or two are precious gems in a world addicted to false belonging.

May Belonging be your Real Home. Where you can find rest in the unrested, comfort in the uncomfortable, peace in the sorrow, life in death.

Happy New Year to you all. Thank you for being here and for your support of my work in these last 12 months over 2018. I hope you continue to find a resonance and connection with my work as 2019 flowers into the Next. 
All My Love
Lisa x