New Studio and Gallery

I have been happily working from my home studio now for the last two years. And I have been so grateful for this studio space in our integral garage in our new home in Whitchurch, Shropshire. It was a big step up from a small bedroom in Bristol! It has been a great gift and suited my needs perfectly.

So I wasn't actively looking for a new studio but I was 'knowing' a step up inside of me was opening. I didn't however expect it to manifest as a new studio and a gallery shop space for me to work from! I only popped out to do the post for my online store when something in me said 'Go and find out about those units'. Ive walked by these units for the last two years knowing they were available.. but as I said... I wasn't looking... So on this day I went into the town hall and asked what they were like and if I could see one. I was told they had one left and they were too busy to talk to me about it today and given an email to get in touch with.

I went and did the post and couldn't ignore this pull to go back to the town hall and ask again if I can see it NOW. There was a different receptionist and before I knew it I was off to see the unit! I knew as soon as I walked in it was absolutely beyond my wildest imaginings of what I 'thought' was possible. It was so RIGHT in every way for me. I knew I needed to take the next steps and I called near the end of the day to try and speak to the right person about it directly rather than by email. That person happened to answer the phone as the other staff had finished for the day and we arranged to connect up the next morning. 

It turns out this building had been waiting for me.... Its so perfect for an artist and for the way I work. Two beautiful high ceiling rooms with skylights flooding the spaces with natural light, a kitchen and bathroom area. The gorgeous blue entrance doors open out onto the wonderful courtyard space so you can sit and chill in a really peaceful environment. 

Art Studio and Gallery

So in less than 24 hours, quite unexpectedly I have taken on a fantastic new studio and gallery space in the heart of Whitchurch, Shropshire. There are three other buildings in our slice of creative heaven all nestled around the large courtyard and they are all female creatives! A glass maker is due to move into one, a woodworker has one and so does a teacher of textiles and sewing.

So behind these tardis like (literally) blue doors is my new gorgeous Art Studio and Gallery Shop.
I am so super thrilled and feel the expansiveness of whats flowering with how I work and what I can now offer from the new space.

I love to Celebrate all the goodness of life so there is of course going to be an Opening Launch Party! So do click this link 'Opening Launch Party' if you want to be notified directly of the date and time and go on my Invitation List.  

I will post blogs about the move and whats happening. As well as looking at what days will be Open Studio days each week where you can pop by and see me in the Studio, view my artwork in the Gallery and check out the shop. I will also be looking at offering more regular events and workshops on creativity and well-being. Again, I will post here as things evolve further but to make sure you are in the loop and receive please do sign up to my email list. 

The unit is currently being decorated and made ready for me right now and I should be in by the end of the month!