Painting MySelf ALIVE

“... Life is sacred. Life is art. Life is sacred art. The art of sacred living means being a holy actor, acting from the soul rather than the ego. The soul is out of space and time and hence always available, an ever-present potential of our being. It is up to each of us to celebrate and actualize our being, and to turn each meal, conversation, outfit, letter, and so on, into art. Every mundane activity is an opportunity for full, authentic self-exploration. The soul is our artistic self, our capacity for transforming every dimension of our lives into art and theatre.” — Gabrielle Roth


Its clear to me, that we are naturally highly creative beings. I only have to look at the bodies we are in, our surrounding environment, and the majesty of the earth, to see forms of astounding higher creativity. It shows me how something within, within us all - is capable of incredible beauty and creativity. You just have to learn how to allow the mystery within to move you.

I am deeply attracted to this mystery within. And in how I can attune to that creative well of being within me and how I can move that in my life, as life, as a highly creative act of painting my deepest Self alive.


Painting as I do constantly reveals to me subtleties in the way I move. It’s become a practice of allowing the Self to reveal to my-self. Deeply listening and discerning as each canvas is worked with, I am learning whilst creating and being in movement, to re-orientate my attention, energy, and focus back to what has real value – my Being.

As I am creating and tending this ground of Being, my limited sense of self – can be illumed. Then… I have the chance, to truly, paint my Self-alive.

The limited self is a jumble of all the ways I have moved, learned, used and created myself with. From this soup of conditionality we call the world infused with my hopes and desires, wants and needs, hurts and sorrows and all the amassed past experience that makes up this denser patterned way of knowing myself.

In a sacred moment of illumination – when tendencies within my limited self illume, unconscious motivations and denser forms that I am creating and living from become fully conscious. And I can dive into what is beyond the veil. In this there is an opening to a creative potential that far surpasses anything I ‘thought’ creativity or making art was about. Its so vast, so incomprehensible to what was - it was impossible to see. It’s a leap.

It takes an embrace of utter responsibility to command the creative forces of my life to a higher calling; to answer a deeper way of being here, in my life and to transform my-self. To be painted by a bigger picture. To become living art.

These sacred moments are what can make a difference to our world, our life and ultimately, to each other. It’s the fruits of our yearning and belonging. The practice is to tend that ground and strengthen that muscle of belonging throughout our daily life.

Creating art enables this for me. It nourishes a place within me that I know I am the one who is responsible for what I create on my canvas. No one else. Just me.  And when revelation opens, illuming more of me, I have the strength and courage to say Yes and Paint my-Self ALIVE on the biggest canvas of all – LIFE.