Samhain Deepening

Samhain Altar in the Studio

There is a deep beauty to Samhain and the turning point of deepening into the essence of the crone and the return to the dark Mothers womb. 
To get intimate with this energy and frequency is a pause in the constant need to be looking to create an eternal spring and summer. To allow reaching, striving, seeking to fall away like the autumn leaves. To allow what falls away to be the mulch that feeds the fallen seed of the already reaped harvest hidden, unseen in the earth.

The return is where you truly find the hidden goldenness of the Heart. In the quietude of deeper listening is where the subtleties and textures of Being reveal. In the calling of deeper reflection is where the unknown can commune the way of a deeper Self love. 

At the thinning of the veils be available to lift the veils that obscure your eternal nature. Align with a deeper pulse behind the current ways of moving in mind and activity. Embrace the natural cycle to a truly fulfilling life and a higher calling of creativity. One that leaves you naked and vulnerable to Love as you turn towards the gifts of winter.

Lisa LochheadComment