Taste of the Goddess

Jasmin, my daughter helping me create ‘Loves Blossom’ Truffles.

Jasmin, my daughter helping me create ‘Loves Blossom’ Truffles.

When inspiration comes knocking Ive learned to lean into it no matter where it takes me of or what it asks. So when this idea of creating a range of truffle chocolates that communicated through taste the transmission and frequency behind a particular piece of artwork - Yep - I ‘thought’… well thats a radical bit of creativity. How am I going to do that!

As it turns out quite easily. Each truffle comes in effortlessly - firstly the artwork piece reveals itself from the artwork I am using in my Talisman range of my pendants. Each piece of artwork that makes the Talisman range communicates a particular frequency of the feminine and delivers a message, or holding space to the wearer. A thing of Beauty. A Remembering.

I journey deeper into the essence of the piece for the flavour of the ‘Taste of the Goddess’ behind the piece. Being with Her, reflecting on the piece and allowing a communication to naturally open up. I do a little bit of exploring around the flavours in a kitchen witchery creative style. (Which I am realising just how much I LOVE that.) So that the action and meaning behind the flavour matches the essence of the artwork piece.

I have been holding the space for a woman’s circle at the studio each month and I have had chance to share the first few creations with sisters. Its been amazing how each truffle is received - exactly as how it was created. With the ‘Taste of the Goddess’ coming through…

Have a look below at the first creations to be released. You will be able to purchase theses truffles from the Gallery shop. As these are hand rolled artisan chocolates please do contact me if you want to make sure I have a particular truffle available for you. All the truffles are made with a high quality Belgium chocolate.


‘Loves Blossom’

The first creation. Edible rose petal infused dark chocolate truffle coated in crushed rose petals. (Associated with the Goddess Lakshmi)


‘Loves Warmth’

 A dark chocolate truffle infused with orange zest and cardamon. Enrobed in a dark chocolate shell with a touch of edible gold. (Associated with Shakti)


‘Milk of Kindness’

A white chocolate truffle infused with lemon zest and juniper berry. Enrobed in white chocolate. (Associated with Durga)