Loves Warmth

An art of an emerging woman is the practice of returning to presence.

Stay Close to Loves Warmth

Stay Close to Loves Warmth

Fully present to what is contained in the sensation in the body, to the breathe, to the pulse of life flowing through the physical and subtle channels. 
Retuning to presence, is a moment, a gap, in between the constant activity and reactivity. It's a direct response to a doorway of goldenness that is always open in any given moment. 
It's the spaciousness that unravels the complexity in mind. Its the actionbehind the undoing of the knots created in the forms of your experience on mental and emotional levels.

It's the capacity that holds you as a body-mind to receive an ever present love through the filters of past. 

It's the present moment free of the tightness of protection and control. A vulnerability that sings songs of aliveness.

It's the future yet to be born. In its Naked, Simplicity and Aloneness.

It's the strengthening of the belonging muscle and the ability to allow the opening as a vessel to receive and be bathed in the subtle guiding actions of Loves Warmth.

Today, in what ever challenges you face, give yourself that moment.
Fall freely through the gap.

Artwork: Loves Warmth