Barcelona and Montserrat - Unleashing Creative Juice

What an incredible deep and sweet time we had in Barcelona and Montserrat on my last tour and retreat. One of those moments where the stars align, life aligns and the whole ground of Being changes you from the inside out... Although the trip was so rich, deep and impossible to share the totality of those days I felt to write a little something.

Our first few days in Barcelona we packed in a lot of soulful inspiration with Gaudis works and more. We walked around and actually clocked up some miles soaking up the essence of Barcelona and its creative vibe on every corner, in every step. We ate tapas, drank a cold beer at lunch, visited the harbour area, dined on 3-course menus in the evening and were out from early in the morning until late at night. Every one fell into bed each night exhausted and happy!

Speaking Spanish is always such a gift and a challenge as I shake off rustiness that has crept in over the years and I can feel my confidence growing again as many locals also told me I spoke the language really well! It was so wonderful to hear from those on the retreat with me too just how someone speaking the language really opened their journey up to feel more connected to the people. Everywhere we went, every conversation, we were received so beautifully with one restaurant trying to give us free bottles of wine to stay! Needless to say we knew our limits and gracefully declined... 

Conversations led to some beautiful encounters including some profound Magic in Parc Guell as a local, incredibly sprightly, elderly man came over and revealed he had been coming there every day since he attended the small school in Parc Guell from the age of 4! He certainly had some ‘otherworldly-ness’ about him and walked the paths daily. He shared how all over the Parc Guell area there are balls laid out as Rosary Beads that encompasses the whole area as a Prayer to the Mother… this was the path he walked… How beautiful is that…


Then onto Montserrat… and in the sublime transmission there we just dropped IN. In such an intimate group everything could just Be as it was for each individual and the Love could just be received.  There were no timetables, no requirements from anyone – we just ebbed and flowed, dived deep and rose, embraced the Beauty and allowed the embrace to hold the space.

We visited the Black Madonna daily and I was surprised to see how many more people were arriving – from earlier in the day until later at night. A constant procession of people to see the Black Madonna and receive Her blessing.. so powerful to see Her rising in consciousness in this way. And whether its conscious or not doesn't matter as everyone receives the transmission. A little fact for you is that during the Renaissance Period the Black Madonna's were highly venerated and Her supreme intelligence and creative capacity certainly changed the the culture of that time. Look at the creativity that burst forth!

On the mountain we walked the paths, we shared our hearts, we took in the art, ate amazing food each night including a mind-blowing combination of home made lemon sorbet and decadent dark chocolate truffles which became our nightly desert...and we took a siesta every day. We photographed, we breathed in, we wrote in our Journals and we gave thanks for this moment of Beauty.

Arriving home two weeks ago now and we are into the Virtual Art Course side of our Journey. And WOW Creative Juice has certainly been Unleashed! I cant wait to see the works of art those who travelled with me bring forward. And in my own creative flowering a whole body of work has opened up with a fresh, new perspective calling me forward – in my artwork and in my Life.

Feeling Grateful…  and Incredibly Inspired...