What are the Emerging Woman Arts?

'Emerging Woman' as a theme, or title for my work with woman in Circles and on Retreats has been pulling me forward for well over 3 years now. Since I started painting just over two years ago it was clear that Emerging Woman Arts was being birthed and I've held that Vision, that Knowing, lovingly since.

For me its not just about painting a picture, or learning an art technique, being an artist or painting an image of the feminine. The true Arts of an Emerging Woman are in the dissolving of concepts and ideas about herself, about who She is.

Here we are learning how to move, respond, act, create, flower, release, grow and expand our consciousness into our true capacity. Then how we can give shape to that as an embodied woman of Love, of Essence, of Belonging.

It is an ever expanding opening to a wider consciousness and then the ability to bring that into our earth body, into the mind, and through our fingertips, our toes, touching life in how we create and relate.

My calling is to share through the platform of Emerging Woman Arts and my offerings of courses, workshops and retreats in how we CAN be this and how we can allow this place of Love to shape our lives into spaces and places beyond our wildest imaginings. Demonstrating how WE are the power holders of the frequency of change that can radically transform our inner worlds and our current world with all its disharmony, dis-ease and lack of aligned functionality. WE can address this balance in us, and together be the open doorways for each others flowering potential.

Over this next year you are going to see more form and shape around all that I offer and what this work, with me, truly is. I'm stepping in, stepping up, opening out and crossing more boundaries I made for myself. This is a constant happening in my life and I am on fire with this juice that nourishes my Being.  

I am going to be offering more context in the pure art of creativity, the art of well-being, the art of self-love, the art of relationship, the art of practice, and the art of manifesting your essence in the stream of life.

These are for me, the 'Emerging Woman Arts'