The Black Madonna - Embracing Wholeness

I wrote this piece below exactly 12 months ago....  The last few weeks I have been feeling Her, Her teaching, Her wisdom, Her Calling. A deep embrace... a cycle of time coming to a fruition of understanding... an epoch of time now changing. The Love gifted by this aspect of Mother feeding my heart, opening and transforming my mind and taking me deeper into a new place of relatedness. 

This written piece popped up after a conversation with a sister, a friend, yesterday and when I read it I felt to share it again, it still felt fresh. Its relevant to what was being shared and the calling we are all in to face our fears and transform our deeply held perceptions and identification. To open to the courage to allow our love to truly breathe here. 

The Black Madonna plays an important pivotal role that we have for the most part lost. In our western culture we have been taught to honour the Virgin Mary, the pure, the untouchable, the divine. She has been used, as an example of an undercurrent of what woman should be like. She is the perfect woman, mother and wife. 

From deep in our psyche niggles of imperfection rise. We can get lost in the quagmire of our misguided attempts to be good, do good, be more, improve, do the right things and make everything look and match the right way. All based on a background noise that can taunt and haunt us of not being enough.

Why would the Virgin Mary be used to shine as perfection and who is doing that using? We can blame our patriarchal societies, religions and mans influence on our world -but as woman didn’t we also participate in this?  As sisters do we perpetuate loops of experience and feed them to each other through the idea of safety and fear of the unknown together? Keeping the lie intact. Have we used man as an outer object and excuse to not be fully who we are? Did we fall for the lie rather than transform it with our love of our deepest essence?  I see its necessary and good to question our deepest held beliefs and ideas about womanhood, sisterhood, man and relationship. The Black Mother, The Black Virgin calls that from us.

The Black Madonna at Montserrat

The Black Madonna at Montserrat

The Black Madonna is a beautiful calling to higher consciousness and new life. The cults of devotion to Her and the communication of who She is and Her gifts have more or less disappeared from our westernised mainstream society. I see its imperative for woman to become deeply acquainted with Her, to know the wholeness of herself and unleash the healing power of union on this earth. 

She is also known as Kali, Isis… she is a powerful pagan goddess of sexuality, the underworld and earth wisdom. Her blackness represents the womb of existence. Her womb of unformed potentials and possibilities from which all phenomena continually arises and into which continually disappears. She brings about a quantum leap in consciousness and a deep understanding of the significance of the relationship between man and woman, between the masculine and feminine principles.

She represents the unconscious incommunicable side of life. We cannot understand Her with our current conscious awareness, viewpoints or ways of knowing ourselves.  She is a power of healing force. She is the mother of fertility and new life - of the birth of new consciousness and great Love.

We have to unravel our own dilemma and restore right relationship with our-self and in our life. We have to embrace our knowing, those silent whispers that create chaos and havoc in our minds and bodies when we don’t meet them with deep listening. We have to give up measuring ourselves against outer reflections and getting lost in the darkness of the mirror of identification.  We have to learn to soften beyond the fears and frequencies that we have programmed that rise and assail the body/mind.

We can stand up and embrace what we do SEE with the core of our hearts, that we DO know that we know, and give up the pretense that we don’t. It’s an intimate communion with your own inner being. It is not about having a reflection of the love and beauty you are at core – it is about BEING who you are at core. YOU are the form of that!

When we fully embrace what our heart SEE'S it asks us to enter the deeper mystery. Instead of resisting the masculine power of pure consciousness we are embracing Him. We are receiving the Beloveds Kiss. 

The Beloveds Kiss - Artist Lisa Lochhead

The Beloveds Kiss - Artist Lisa Lochhead

In that recognition of the divine masculine shining as clarity– in just a moment of clear seeing or illumination, the current forms of experience move, open up or demonstrate what is contained within them.  We can mistake this natural action through mis-identification and lack of deeper understanding of the power and beauty of the Black Mother. Instead we can go round and round on a multitude of limited loops of experience and identification - that essentially are form, energy and frequency opening up. 

What we can do is give to our knowing and ALLOW the place of deeper clarity to penetrate the unconscious forms being held. These forms in my experience then demonstrate from the unseen into the seen. And when I don’t get caught in identifying with them as they are rising, as something ‘wrong’, they can come fully into conscious awareness. The frequency held through identification opens, the energy is released, and love literally flowers new life.

While we consciously hold on; rather than surrender to the call of deeper loving and the allowance of the release of formed energy into formless flow, we are suppressing the power of our own essence, our very own nature.  This asks me to bow down, to release my grip on the forms of holding, to Him, the clarity of pure consciousness and allow the power of the feminine to journey up the spiral of creation. This creates higher forms of living love, infused with higher frequency - with Him, as they are both One, and the same, and in Union.

In the Hindu tradition Shiva is pure cosmic consciousness, and Kali is cosmic energy. No new creation is possible without their union. Shiva cannot manifest without the power of Kali, and Kali cannot function without the consciousness of Shiva. The dance of their union births new consciousness. The Black Madonna is also known as a loving mother of fertility, she is rooted in the delivery of new life and for centuries people have gone to her to ask for a blessing and safe passage for babies.

As we nurture a return to innocence in ourselves we transcend the fear of the masculine power. Like in the fairy tale of the Beauty and the Beast – her innocence saw through the fear of the Beast and it was in the end Her Love of Him that broke the curse and the belief in ugliness breaks.

I see woman awakening is being called to know she is the power that transforms it all and she is not limited to needing safety through fear. What we are having to learn is not to fear what we deeply SEE with our hearts – we need to know that nothing about us in what reveals, or what we see about ourselves, is ugly, or shameful or should be hidden from our own innate vision. We can rest into allowing the full embrace of the rising of the unconscious and let Her work open radiant love and beauty. Releasing the feminine power. This is about actualizing divine essence as a living experience, here, now, in life.

She is the spirit of evolutionary consciousness hidden deep in form. She calls us to give up the limited circle of time bound experience and open to the spiral where things will never be the same again.


I have run a couple of trips to The Black Madonna of Montserrat, Barcelona, Catalonia. The incredible depth, beauty and power of this sacred place calls us to higher creativity and greater perception.

This clip touches my heart of sisters who I have had the honour to journey with.  This sacred place now calls again and I will be running a retreat for woman in May 2017 which will include a Creative Art Journey with the feminine. Email me to register your interest on