Opportunity – it’s a great word isn’t it? What does this word invoke in you? A doorway of possibility... but to what?

I have been journeying with a sense of opportunity for some while now.  And I have been knowing life as an unending opportunity. Along this journey I have encountered many facets and aspects to what ‘opportunity’ has and can unravel in me.

Circumstances and events have come my way and in them this sense of opportunity flavouring the soul of the thing being offered… And I have responded to opportunities, declined opportunities, created opportunities and offered opportunities.

I have been hurt by some of the relationships I have encountered in this journey with opportunity. I have met the energy of opportunists again and again as opportunities opened and I found myself, rejected, overlooked, and by-passed for a seeming greater opportunity.

Throughout this unravelling I have travelled deep in knowing the integrity of the calling within every opportunity. Frequencies in the mind have emptied, and painful places of mis-identification have opened up. I have been called to move with what I know to be deeply true beyond how I feel, how I think about something, or what I would like or even dislike.

So opportunity has kept bringing me to a place of deeper integrity. One that is beyond how I see or feel about circumstances or events. One that has bought me to a place of deeper trust in the integrity of the movement of life and the supreme intelligence of the cosmos. Burning out the sense of a future that is going somewhere for a ‘me’.  Its teaching me how to respond to the deeper opportunity being offered in life and become the bigger body of the feminine. Unravelling the woman, this woman, again and again.

One thing I know for sure is that I will never find myself in the shape of an outer opportunity. Opportunity will continue to flow its grace, and opportunity will keep being offered. And I will dance, play and create with a greater appreciation and love - for what the magic of opportunity creates out of me!



Knowing opportunity can only ever be a doorway to a placeless place gives rise to a great sense of freedom. The reaching to have something particular for your self - can dissolve. The striving, the wanting, the needing outcomes and moving energy to get them, or even moving energy to resist them, all coming to rest, in a finer place of opportunity.

An opportunity for this soulfulness, married as One, as form and formlessness - to give true shape and colour here. I love that my hands here can create a painting, and that my feet here can walk in opportunity… I love that there are moments when what I am shaping in my life and what I am walking into this life are adorned with loves flavoursome grace…

And I love that I have the opportunity, every moment, to bow, and allow myself to be painted alive by this supreme intelligence, called Love.

Here I will share my latest painting with you too...  For me this painting is the movement of our true opportunity of bringing deeper reality into embodiment.


Eyes of Grace

My Love,
You Came!
You stole my past!

In this secret merging,

Of I forming You

And You forming me.

Your eyes illume my way,
My two
Become Your thousand and One
the perfection,
of timing,
In my very own birth.

My Love,
You Fill me.
With such a deep ease and grace
Am I
In the Beauty
Of your loving Face.
— Lisa Lochhead