Are you Ready to Let Magic in?

Are you noticing some powerful portals that are calling you into a greater creative potential that awaits you?

This can be experienced in many ways...Perhaps the surfacing of unresolved moments, places and spaces, maybe you have been called to respond differently than you thought you were capable of, or maybe what has kept you bound in what no longer serves you has opened and is revealing the possibility of a new way.

What is clear is that its 'time' to not only allow old structures to dissolve but to consciously not allow them to influence where you are being called into. Your heart is a tender place and as you allow a greater vulnerability to the innermost stirrings of your heart and soul to open you can also encounter a need to 'protect' that space. This happens when we move in the world, in work, relationship, towards a new venture, project, creativity.

What you are needing to learn is how to allow the movement of structure, of the world, whilst not allowing that movement of structure to define and limit the relationship you have to your deepest Self. At the same time you need to grow in the capacity to transform these limiting structures you face in alignment with your soulfulness. As you move with the intention to manifest more of who you are into life the splinters of pain and separation that are revealed in the mind can be elevated open - to Divine Mind. 

This is where it gets really juicy and creative! The Creative Principle has two aspects of one whole - the 'masculine principle', which is your level of consciousness and where you function from and the feminine principle' the intelligence that manifests the level of consciousness you are believing yourself to be. When you think, or how you think of yourself, unconsciously or consciously sets the creative process in motion and you manifest how you perceive yourself to be.

In a highly creative transformative life this is where you are called to become living art - this is what I call, in my work the Emerging Woman Arts. Every piece I create, I paint, is a deepening into what is just behind who I believe myself to be and each canvas is infused with a transmission from that place. Thats why you resonate with a certain painting, or are drawn to its communion as it touches a place of recognition in you.

So at this festive time of celebration of the christ light, and in this time of Advent the second week of advent, advent meaning the 'coming' or arrival, emergence, surfacing, birth...of Christ, is actually the call of the coming of the Divine Mind in man/woman. So dig deep, embrace the beauty of this time and dust off those old structures and beliefs about your self and with love and gratitude thank them for serving you, for bringing you to a greater understanding and move forward.

Move forward in love, thankfulness, knowing that you are now heading into a new future, based on how much you love yourself NOW!