Origin of Originality - Latest painting

What is it to be original? I know in me a sense of uniqueness, unique to me, as you are unique to you, as we are all spectacularly unique as a creation of loves pulse. Our subtleties and shades make infinite variations of that one pulse.

Knowing this as an undercurrent of truth does not manifest this as an original response in the stream of life. Believing Im unique and trying to add things to me, or create things for me to have,  for a sense of fulfilment is just plain... suffering. 

Anything that I need to have, or add - for the sense of me - is the barrier to that uniqueness, that originality, truly being here. Originality doesnt look a certain way, it doesnt have attributes for itself, it doesn't copy and replicate what is already here. No matter how good it looks, how alluring its promises of fulfilment might be...

So that source of originality must belong to another place. Originality then must be able to flourish in the current structures if I allow it. And thats the thing.. I have to allow it. And it may not go the way I want it to, or it might not look like what I would like it to be, I might not have the identity I want in it... but its no longer an option to move as an old way of learning, that is actually just replicating and copying what is already here. I dare to return to the origin of originality.


Origin of Originality

Navigating frequency,
Returning… as deeper belonging,
Loves veil lifts,
Movement, Subtle, Gross
Of Originality

No thing in particular,
Is where I rest.
In this intimacy, of love for thee.
No outward to measure, 
to know.
No inward depth
to dive,
to see.

Is all of me.

Form and formless,
This moving sea.
Currents pull, 
Tides chang
e and shift,
Conformity and non-conformity
A way learned breaks.
Free of solidity.

Who moves the original?
No longer lost at sea?

To die
In the depths of thee.
Is my own barrier

To the… Origin Of Originality.