Lose the Fight to be Creative.

I’m less and less interested in what I’ve got, where I’m going, where I could go or how I am going to get there. I’m watching this miracle of the more manifesting without having to have it or even knowing its what I wanted. More potential, more possibility, being known and a pure potency taking place. Yet there is no need or movement to have it or get it or want it. There is just this response of being so deeply in love what is already here, everything else is a constant surprise.

There is a mystery at work when you start to truly allow this brightness, this potency of who you are to have space. Space that we have filled up with beliefs of you need to create. You need to express. You need to be creative. You need to have a message, you got a message and you got to get your message out. Or you don’t need to get your message out. You are not creative. Even… you don’t want to express!

I have seen so many women move with and voice that a certain skill, or a certain idea, or a certain gift, a certain training, a certain course, a certain meeting, a certain happening…  will bring them greater happiness and great creativity. That also what we have, what we have learned, what we have trained in has the value that will bring me nourishment and ultimately fulfilment. That it is the gateway for my value and self-worth to be here.

What I have realised is that this is not the case. The need to be creative isn’t there. I just am. It just is. There is an utter enjoyment of all that I am in, and in that all that I do. All that I do is already infused with enjoyment.




There isn’t the sacrifice of my soulfulness for an idea of creativity. My soulfulness has primary place. As the seat of belonging – the faceless place that does not have a certain attached to it. It does not have an uncertainty to it either. There is no opposite of it. It is just it.

 In that the listening is deeper. It’s deeper than the seen. It’s deeper than the whispers of the crowd, it’s deeper than the nuances of accumulated experience, its deeper than the needs of others, its deeper than tendencies of knowing myself. It’s asking for a deeper care, a tending of the true. Its asking for a an orientation at the gate of belonging that knows that it knows without knowing what it knows. It’s asking the deepest response beyond the senses and yet it instantly lives in sense.

I am given to a place that embodies a protectress of my soul. I am given to the place of the faceless having this face. I Listen to Her; I respond to Her, I move as Her.

 Lets be clear about this – be connected where you are. To your breathe, to your body, to the sensation that flows through every cell of your body, to the quality of air, to the breeze kissing and caressing you, to the sounds that surround you and vibrate through your core.

 Notice the people around you, NOW. To those in your life – recognise them. Truly see them. Don’t miss who they are. Don’t trade them for an imagined better place or future outcome.

Be honest, starting with some radical honesty to yourself. Check in. Listen. What truly IS here. What is truly not there, not meant for you. Respond to it. Let go of the rest. Let go of the fight to be creative and allow the source of creative power to be here – YOU.

 Don’t settle for less.  Be natural.