The Art of Emergence

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The Art of Emergence


The Art of Emergence

Imbuing the Senses with the Real

Five Senses, Five Elements – A Journey of Creativity and Self-Love

In this 5-week Transformational Art and Well-Being Course for woman you are invited to paint awake the ‘emerging new woman’ in You.  

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Through this creative course into the ‘Art of Emergence’ you will:      

  • Open up your creative capacity into a higher potential that awaits you.
  • Refine how you create and where you create from.
  • Deepen in understanding in how you receive information from the world around you, how you process it and the quality of the energy in which you respond.
  • Connect with and learn about the functioning of the elements within your body and the relationship to mind.
  • Learn how to nurture an enhanced well-being into your life through aligning in a deeper self-mastery and self-love.
  • Discover how feminine essence flows and shapes in harmony with the masculine principal. As a budding and flowering of evolving creative expression into life.
  • Bring a depth of balance and a fertile ground for your deepest sense of self to illume your senses with the real.
  • Paint a feminine face/form/shape that intimately reflects the ‘emerging new woman’ in you that is calling to birth Herself into life.

What is Included:

  • Weekly Course content based on the five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether.
  • Learning and practice of specific mudras, ‘seals’ or ‘hand gestures’ each week related to that weeks element and to the mind.
  • Well-Being tips to support and balance the body-mind as we journey with each element each week.
  • Weekly art-focused tutorials to unlock creative curiosity and release creative potential.
  • Art tutorials on painting a feminine face/form onto a canvas.
  • A private Virtual Group on Facebook for you to share, reflect, enquire and deepen.
  • Two Live Group Calls with Lisa
  • Support throughout the course - ‘Emerging Woman’ Creative Coaching with Lisa in the Virtual Group.