Artist Statement

I paint as a bridge between the inner silent subtle world of knowing and the outer world of form, manifestation and creative action.

Through deep listening and immersion in the moment I allow the shapes to reveal themselves as a moving meditation. Using colour, layering, forming and dissolving of forms I explore the dialogue with my inner landscape and paint the subtle calling of the deepest sense of who I am alive.  Crossing boundaries and limitations I have imposed on myself I open to hear something new, beyond my known. 

About Me

I have always been attracted to painting and have dabbled a few times at certain points in my life. A turning point came for me at a time when my conditional yes in life was breaking down, I bought a large canvas, knowing I needed to paint the 'Divine Feminine'. I set up the canvas and the space for me to paint after I had run a retreat for woman that I was facilitating to the Black Madonna of Montserrat In Catalunya, Spain. So there She was, empty, open, faceless, waiting.... 

In painting I discover my own self worth, a deep, abiding, felt-all-the-way through knowing of my own value and the meaning I bring to this life. It is an intimate exploration into my own depth of knowing.

Two Work's  in Progress... 

I have discovered just how much I love to paint and create. How freeing it is to know you are the one in command of your brush, your paint, your blank canvas... no-one else, just you. How deep that goes to live that in my life! I love the simplicity of how through a blank canvas you can discover just how much freedom you already are or where you are limiting that freedom of expression.  You really can learn through painting to allow that freedom to flow through into a creative act, unbound, unrestricted, free. You see it manifest in front of you. It’s the mystery at work through your very own heart and hands. You realise you are the artistry and the art. This makes me very passionate about life and our potential.


I have had a very full and varied life path. I lived in Spain for 6 years, North Wales for 9 years, New Zealand for 3 years, Australia for a year. I have a wide and very varied experience of work in the retail and hospitality industry and have had many different jobs throughout my life. So in a way, I have always been a creative!  

A passion for alternative approaches in life  led me train as a Holistic Therapist.  Specialising in aromatherapy, massage and reflexology.

I went through a huge shift in my life, an awakening, around the year 2000 and from 2004 I became closely involved with Spiritual Teacher - B Prior. Initially living in community and organising  his global tours and retreats. In 2010 I  started to teach the instrument of awakening that came through his realised consciousness, The Form - Reality Practice™ and I worked closely with him in the development of a teacher-training programme and mentoring. Through teaching the practice and developing my own courses in the UK and Europe I have been learning to hold the space for my beingness to be here in the movement of life.. During this period of time, my husband and I co-founded and created centres in Amsterdam and Bristol for conscious growth.

My Life...

I now live in Whitchurch, Shropshire, UK with my beautiful husband, my partner in life, Todd. We have been together since 2004. We live a full  life of love and devotion and deepen in this life together beyond our cliffs and edges of old. I am a mother and a grandmother.   I have lived around the world in Spain, Gran Canaria, North Wales, Australia, New Zealand and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. My husband and I have travelled extensively and I have had a varied and wide experience of life in many facets which enriches my work in so many ways.