About Me

In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.
— Rumi

Lisa is a Visionary Artist and a facilitator in Emerging Woman Arts. Through deep listening and fully engaging the creative process she works as a response to the unseen dimensions of Being. In her courses she lights the way for creative awakening and feminine embodiment.


My Story


how I arrived at creating art

I have always been attracted to painting and have dabbled with colour a few times at certain points in my life. A turning point came for me at a time when my conditional yes in life was breaking down. I went out and bought a large canvas, knowing I needed to paint the 'Divine Feminine'. I set up the canvas in my little office space knowing I needed to give myself the space to paint.  

This blank canvas felt so full of potentiality and I knew there would be time for reflection and the space to paint when I got back from a retreat for woman that I was running to the Black Madonna of Montserrat In Catalunya, Spain. This was in June 2014. I then came across an online art course that was happening at that time so I signed up for my first art class since leaving school.

Arriving home I gave myself full permission to paint. There She was, empty, open, faceless, waiting.... and I have not stopped painting since.



I went through a huge shift in my life, an awakening, around the year 1999 which led me to train as a Holistic Therapist. From around 2003 I became closely involved with a realised being and international spiritual teacher. Initially living in community and organising  his global tours and retreats. In 2009 I  started to teach an instrument of awakening that came through his realised consciousness. Also working closely with him in the initial development of teacher-training and mentoring for the practice. Throughout this time I was also teaching the practice on his international retreats. 

During 2009 my husband and I co-founded a centre in Amsterdam with our teacher. And in 2012 my husband and I opened our own centre in Bristol, UK for conscious growth. I continued to teach and also started to hold and facilitate woman's circles, workshops, tours and retreats. 


where I am now



Creating art became a deep tool of empowered response to what is true within me. I was learning how to deeply trust the truth of my Self. Whilst allowing the unfolding wisdom of the dance of the sacred to open, unravel and illume my way forward.

Following an impulse to continue to deepen in my new found practice with art - I was then one of the first to train with an artist in the USA as a facilitator of an approach to art. Combining this work with my own depth of experience and background I am constantly evolving my own approach in facilitating and holding space for sacred art journeys.

These are centred on engaging the empowering truth of the creative process. Getting intimate with it. So who you are at core, as essence, can flow your potentials right up to the surface of you.  I offer sacred art journeys as space for the heart and mind to meet as an opening into essence. I call this the  'Emerging Woman Arts'